Life Extension

Life Extension is an internationally recognized company operating in the field of nutrition, the maintenance of health & well-being, while specializing in food supplements and anti-aging treatments. Our aim is to provide nutritional food supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs of the highest quality. Founded in 1980, Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit organization targeting in extending human life expectancy using scientific research to control aging and degenerative diseases.


Top Scientific Panel

Life Extension’s scientific research team is composed of worldwide leading scientists whose dedication to improving the quality and increasing the duration of the human life span has led to 30 years of scientific innovation. Our research team focuses both on developing new treatments that slow down or even reverse the aging process as well as treating and combating fatal diseases such as heart diseases, strokes or Alzheimer’s brought on by senility. 


Unique Formulas

With the sole concern being the improvement of health and longevity, Life Extension produces the purest and most scientifically advanced food supplements available on the market so far. The most refined scientific knowledge in the field of anti-aging has led to developing an exclusive product line to include a wide range of vitamins, minerals and hormones, as well as some unique and specialized formulas.



Guaranteed Quality

Buying food supplements which carry the signature of Life Extension, you are immediately guaranteed quality and purity. Prime importance is given to the quality of materials used while raw materials are purchased exclusively from the top range producers in the market.